Nicole Cox, a part-time yogi, part-time nail tech based in North Beach, Md., hopes to share yoga’s benefits to both mind and body with other nail techs through her program, Yoga4NailTechs. The program takes place mainly through online meetings and weekly email reminders featuring tips for stretching or guided meditations.

Cox became obsessed with her ability to transform her state of being through yoga, which has benefited her personal life as well as her career. Days in the salon can be strenuous on both body and mind, and clients often feed off the energy that is given to them, so it’s important to channel positive energy. Cox’s practice has given her an outlet to release tension and reduce mental stress.

“A steady practice can help nail techs create more balance in the mind, body, and spirit in outside life and in the salon,” Cox says. “This brings greater inspiration, creativity, and confidence, so we as nail techs can feel more fulfilled.”

For now, she’s using the internet as a means to communicate the power of the practice. But in the future, she hopes to hold a three-day retreat, and she also hopes to expand the current program by recruiting more nail techs.

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