“You sell happiness.”
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As a new nail artist, my prices are low. A sweet young client once gave me a very generous tip and said, “Your work is worth more than that!” I take pride in my nail art and it’s nice to be appreciated.
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“I love you.”
Nicole Waters
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“These are the best nails I’ve ever had!”
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”One woman told me that I cannot quit until she dies.”
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“This is the first time my nails haven’t popped off!”
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“I have looked forward to seeing you all day!”
Melissa Weaver
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The week of Christmas I was asked if I could provide services to a client in hospice care. Her sister-in-law reached out; she said that my client spends much of her time asleep and her speech is blurred, but when she woke up, she said “Tell Vanessa thank you for making me feel beautiful.”
Vanessa Perez, Rubi’s VIP Experts, Graylake, Ill.

“You’re not just my nail lady, you’re my friend.”
Kimberly Marzinzik Fraser
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“You are better than Pinterest!”
Kandie Winchester
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“I have never had a nail tech be as thorough as you in cuticle care prior to getting my acrylics done. You do beautiful work!”
Cyndi Bauer
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While recovering from a heart procedure this past week, all of my clients told me, “Don’t worry about me, take care of you!”
Tonjya Weathers Decker
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When a client tells me that they feel encouraged and lifted up when they leave my salon chair. It is then that I have truly done my job!
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“A client told me she could feel God’s spirit in me. I’ve carried it with me ever since.”
@joliethepro                                                                                                                              Via Instagram

“You should be called ‘The Nail Whisperer’ because you care so much about our natural nails.” It didn’t take me long to change my nail studio name to The Nail Whisperer!”
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“If everyone got to have such beautiful nails like me, the world would be a better place.”
@beautybymaddi.vxo                                                                                                                Via Instagram

“I love getting my nails done by you because I get to carry a piece of you with me wherever I go.”
Candi Glam
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“The night before nail day is like Christmas Eve every time!”
Justine Wilson
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