Is your business on Snapchat? If not, it may be time to sign up for an account. Snapchat has a huge, engaged audience that often checks the app multiple times per day. That kind of engagement can be a boon for your business, and a great way to connect with your clients. And with Instagram stories nosing in on Snapchat’s territory, you’ll want to be sure to keep your Snapchat fresh and relevant. Try these tips:


Keep It Light

Snapchat is casual and fun, and you should never take your account too seriously! Of course, it’s important to stay professional, but it’s OK to lighten up a little and have some personality. Doodles on your photos and filters that turn you into woodland animals are pretty much par for the course, so make sure everything you do is injected with a bit of fun.

Share Your Snapcode

Snapcodes allow people to add you instantly to their Snapchat friends. While Instagram offers built-in engagement from the people who already follow your account, Snap needs to be built up with a bit more effort. Try to make it as easy as possible for people to add you.

Here’s how:

  • On your phone: Open Snapchat. Tap the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen, then tap the large yellow box on the screen. From there, you can share or save your Snapcode. You can even post it to your Instagram.
  • On your website: Link visitors to


Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Consider offering your Snapchat followers an exclusive offer or discount that they can’t find anywhere else. It’ll keep them coming back to check your account for the latest and greatest deals.

For example: Add a picture to your story that instructs people to screenshot that Snap for $5 off of a Valentine’s Day manicure, or a free rhinestone accent in May. Then they just have to show it to you when they come in. Clients are happy receiving a Snap-exclusive freebie, and you can use it to drive business during slow periods in your salon.


Show Off the Goods

All it takes is one minute of searching on YouTube to see that unboxing videos are huge. You can apply the same principle to your Snap story… no editing required! When you get new nail art supplies, new polish collections, or a shipment of Swarovskis, be sure to film the opening process. Give short descriptions of each item and be sure to show them to the camera. Not only do people love watching these types of videos, but they can also get clients hyped about new products to try. 


Have a Conversation

The personal nature of Snapchat lends itself well to having conversations with your clients. Use your Story to ask their opinions. When you get replies, use that time to have meaningful conversations with them. Find out what they love about your services, and what they think could be improved. Ask them how they feel about current trends in the industry — like nail art styles or popular products. Talk about why having their nails done is important to them. Sometimes the safety of a screen can get people to open up a bit more, and be more honest in their replies. 


Show Them What Makes You Special

Do you specialize in a certain type of service? Are you launching a new special? Use Snapchat to introduce clients to your salon’s offerings. Walkthrough-style Snaps can be a great way to familiarize people with the way you do things, and could even entice the most wary of potential clients to come your way. Of course, you don’t have to share every second of the service, but posting some of the highlights could show clients what makes you stand out over the competition.


Make Your Own Filter

Did you know that you can purchase custom Snapchat filters? If you’re hosting a special event, think about purchasing one for the night. Anyone snapping from your salon would be able to add the custom filter, increasing your brand awareness and potentially bringing new clients your way. 

Sarah Waite

Sarah Waite


NAILS’ social media columnist Sarah Waite is a licensed nail tech and the creator of the popular nail art website Follow her on Instagram @chalkboardnails.


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