Live on air at KUPA.

Live on air at KUPA. 

From February through March, NAILS partnered with KUPA to bring you weekly Facebook Lives recapping our NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Competition. While these were hardly my first live broadcasts on Facebook, the rhythm of scripting and filming these segments weekly was a whole new learning experience. 

The timing of this couldn’t have been better, as some of you may have noticed that Facebook recently changed its algorithm. Live video now gets more play and Facebook is encouraging content that’s personal and conversation-worthy. I have greatly enjoyed my time on air with Elaine Watson, but what I have enjoyed most is the interaction with our Facebook fans and followers of the competition. Each week I got to send a personal message to the NTNA contestants and witnessed other nail techs encourage them and praise their work live on the air.

NAILS is a brand, but it’s also a community. Filming these live segments reminds me that it’s the individuals within this community that we are creating content for. And boy have we been creating! Within the last few weeks alone we have filmed six Facebook Lives and have plans for at least nine more. Sure, being live on-air can be daunting, but the pay-off of getting some personal time with our viewers is always worth it.

Me (left) and Elaine before our first live recap show.

Me (left) and Elaine before our first live recap show. 

Here’s what I’ve learned from my time on air, in case this is something you’d like to try on your own Facebook page:

1. Have a loose script prepared so you stay on-topic.

2. Test your equipment before actually going live. Make sure your phone is charged, lighting is good, and the volume is muted if you’re using your phone to field questions.

3. Look professional, enunciate, and talk at a volume and pace that your audience can follow along with.

4. Promote the fact that you’re going live on your other social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) to bring in more viewers.

5. Give your audience a reason to tune in. Demo a technique you’ve perfected, unbox a new product, or deliver some big news.

6. Don’t run more than an hour. People watch a Facebook live video longer than an edited video, but attention spans are still short. Aim for 30-45 minutes if you’re demoing a technique.

7. Don’t be afraid of dead air. It’s the perfect time to say hi to individual viewers or ask them where they’re tuning in from.

8. If you mess up, be honest. Your audience understands that this is live, so own up to mistakes and offer a solution.

9. If you’re not going live yourself, but are a fan of live videos, remember to practice your best etiquette. Only share positive comments, ask questions in a kind way, and be helpful by sharing any links or feedback in the chat.

See you on the air!

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