While it may be true that it’s better to give than to receive, receiving is pretty good too. We asked nail techs: What’s the best holiday gift you’ve received from a client?

April Linkenhoker-Lang: Christmas ornaments! I write the client’s name and the year gifted in an inconspicuous place on the ornament. I enjoy thinking of those clients as I place their ornaments on my tree each year.

Debbie Riggs Gonzalez: The gift that touched me the most was during my chemo treatments. A client left an envelope in my mailbox at home that said, “Do not open until Christmas.” So on Christmas morning, I opened the envelope and found a beautiful letter from this client along with a gift certificate for a facial. I used it after my chemo for a wonderful treat!

Dana Cecil: Candles, wine, gift cards....I love it all!

Melissa Weaver: I have amazing clients and last year I had three bring me the best gifts! One brought me homemade caramels, one brought me a homemade spice mix she makes, and another gave me a homemade chai tea mix.

Rachelle Cassler- Hafer: I’ve received a lot of very thoughtful gifts, but I had a super thoughtful and unexpected one this past Christmas: a pair of Uggs.

Victoria Zegarelli: A bottle of Christian Louboutin nail polish. I will never use it and I display it as if it were a trophy.

Andrea O’Neil: I think my favorites are my Spode Christmas tree dishes.

Darlene Donovan: I received (twice) a three-month beauty box membership.

Mary Weighknecht: Massage gift card.

Phyllis Duprey Lallier: Money, wine, and Starbucks gift cards.

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