I explain that I only use a top brand acrylic and that you don’t need to skimp on your acrylic. You get what you pay for.

Paula Parrott
The Beauty Shop, Paducah, Ky.

I explain that I have paid extra to take courses and certifications, which makes my skills better for my clients. I also guarantee my work for a certain amount of time. I use quality products and skip absolutely no steps, including sanitation. I don’t rush, and time costs money.

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The relationship they build with me has a value far more than another salon. I genuinely care about the health of their nails. I have fixed a broken nail in the middle of the night before a big event. I give them the confidence that our relationship goes far beyond nails. You don’t find that just anywhere.

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I would tell them that my training, certification, CE classes every two years, products, years of experience, talent, a clean facility, clean implements, time and work, and the love of the job are why my rates are higher.

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I explained that I do quality service, not cheap service. Therefore my nails last an extraordinarily long time. I also provide all the new trending nail designs. I can give you pretty much anything you would like on your nails. But most people tell me they know that it’s quality work because they haven’t seen work like mine before that lasts this long. You pay more for quality service, but go less often.

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We get this question a lot. Our response has always been, “Our prices are comparable to the nation’s leading upscale nail salon brands and we hope your experience here is unlike anywhere else.”

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It’s all about quality and time. The salon down the street is much faster than me, because it is an express salon. It’s meant for ladies who need to get in, get out, and move on with their day. My services are booked ahead of time, with enough time to safely and effectively give you the perfect nails you’ve been looking at on Instagram. No one is squeezed in, making you wait for your pre-booked appointment. My products are top of the line and will last over a month with proper aftercare. You won’t be wasting time and money having to come in for endless repairs. I’ve converted quite a few express salon clients by showing patience and care in helping them see why they should pay me double what the salon down the street charges. Don’t dismiss every client who asks questions. Some are truly asking — not trying to get you to lower your prices. I’ve built a very loyal, very educated clientele by explaining my services to those women.

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I never explain myself. I just tell them they’re more than welcome to go elsewhere. Know your worth and do not apologize for it. No explanations are needed. If the client is asking you that, then that’s not really your client.

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