Amy Becker of Masterworks by Amy Becker has a trick for applying Mylar, feathers, dried flowers, or “any art product that you’ve ever purchased that has caused you trouble because its edges stick out,” she says. She uses plastic wrap to help flatten and secure the nail art elements. Brush on a thin coat of gel and cure it, then brush on a little more clear gel wherever you want to encase one of these art elements. Use the remaining gel on your brush to pick up the art element and apply it to the uncured clear gel. Cut a piece of plastic wrap 2 inches by 2 inches and apply it over the top of the art element and uncured gel. Then pull the plastic down on both sides, pinching it tight under the finger and pulling the art and gel very thin and flat. Keep hold of the plastic wrap while putting the finger in the UV light for 10 seconds. Then peel the plastic wrap away from the nail (it will not stick to the gel). This will leave you with a very thin layer of gel and art over which you can apply a clear overlay. “I guarantee you will love these products for the first time in your career!” says Becker. 

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