Most nail techs aren’t crazy about their clients doing their own nails, but Yuriko Hoshina has made it part of her business, expanding her clientele by offering do-it-yourself nail art sessions at her supply store, Gellipop, in Torrance, Calif. Aspiring nail artists can drop in to do their nails or hold a nail art party with friends. “Since I’m a supplier, I have a lot of sample colors. Most of these products are so easy to use, and I wanted customers who are not professional nail technicians to be able to use and enjoy them,” explains Hoshina. Her minimum for a party is five participants, but she finds that groups tend to be larger than that. Individual sessions are walk-in only and cost $14.95 for the first hour, and an additional $2.45 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Hoshina is an Akzentz and Crystal Culture educator, and she offers a variety of education opportunities for nail techs, but the DIY studio sessions primarily attract non-professionals. “Nail techs usually take the fee-based classes, or attend the free class I teach every second Monday of the month,” she explains. Hoshina thinks the concept is worth expanding. “I’d love to franchise this shop, so if there’s anyone who is interested, please let me know,” she says.

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