You know how to convert female clients into loyal customers, but do you have the same success with men? You may find an appeal to their logical left-brain is the hook that reels them in.

As a gifted communicator, you understand the need to tailor your message to the audience. To one client you might suggest prebooking in order to select the optimal time in her already overcommitted schedule. To another, you might suggest booking so her nails look their best for vacations or social events. We give personalized services, which requires understanding our clients’ lifestyles and considering their perspective.

A crafted angle is likely to work well with male clients as well. Often, men come to the salon on the recommendation of a significant other. How can you convert that client from a one-time guest to a member of  your inner circle? You have to use language that appeals to the male mindset. That conversation could sound something like this:

Client: I didn’t really want to come in here, but a friend bought me this gift certificate, so I thought it would be rude not to use it.

You: Your friend has the right idea. You’re going to notice a big improvement in your nails when you leave, which is important because people make quick judgments when they see a person’s hands and feet. First impressions are lasting impressions — and clean, attractive hands and feet are impressions we can control.

Client: Yeah. I get that, but I sort of see it as a waste of time and money. I can shorten my nails at home.

You: That’s true. Although most people don’t take the time — or don’t have the knowledge — to do much more than that. Our cuticles need regular care. And, my friend, your heels could definitely use some attention. This dry, cracked, callused skin isn’t going to go away on its own. I would recommend booking appointments every four weeks until your skin starts to heal. Not only will it look better, but it will protect you against bacteria that can get trapped in the cracks.

Client: I have noticed that. I thought it was just dry skin.

You: Well, it started off as dry skin, but left untreated, it’s worsened. Now it needs the attention of a professional, and you’ve come to the right place. Think about this: In the summer, most of us wear flip flops. They’re comfortable, but in response to the exposure, our skin hardens and cracks. Dirt and debris gets stuck in there and it doesn’t come off with just a daily shower. In the winter, wearing socks and shoes for 12+ hours a day causes our feet to sweat, which traps moisture and could develop into more serious problems. Regular maintenance can prevent this.

Client: Wow. And I thought my friend just wanted to pamper me.

You: Pedicures and manicures are relaxing and can definitely be pampering, but they fall more into the “essential maintenance” category rather than “luxury spa appointment.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the maintenance! We can all use a little down time, and you certainly deserve to unplug while you’re here.

Client: Hmm.

You: Once men come in, they often wonder why they waited so long! I’ve heard more than one say that manicures and pedicures are a secret women try to keep for themselves. Now that you know what you’ve been missing, and why it’s important to make it part of your basic grooming schedule, let’s book your next appointment. This way you’ll get the best time before some else books it.

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