Moskal (left) and model Ciara Pisa.

Moskal (left) and model Ciara Pisa.

If you love watching nail videos on YouTube, you’re probably a fan of Suzie Moskal. The Victoria, British Columbia-based Moskal has been in the industry for over 30 years, but recently reached social media celebrity status with her YouTube channel. As of press time, her channel ( has over 56 million views and more than 746,000 subscribers. Moskal originally created the channel to promote her nail school with the help of her filmmaker husband. Moskal’s favorite part about being a YouTube sensation is sharing ideas and creations with techs from all over the world. “There’s so much information right at our fingertips. It’s a very exciting time in our industry,” she says.

Moskal’s May cover is all about design placement and color inspired by a floral bouquet. Moskal decided to treat each finger like one flower, in a single color. She originally wanted to hand-paint each nail with calligraphy, but decided that one nail was artful enough.

Here are Moskal’s steps for how to get this month’s cover look:

1. Lay down the foundation of glitter color and pastel acrylic as the base.

2. Place the dried flowers matching the acrylic color onto the base.

3. Place caviar beads around the flowers.

4. Cap the design with clear acrylic.

5. File and shape the encapsulated nail.

6. Add a clear coat of gel-polish to the nail. Use a calligraphy pen to outline each flower in white ink.

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