Absolutely not. I would not do it, and if someone started, I would simply say, “This is a place to relax and unwind. Politics can be discussed elsewhere.” Things are becoming so heated this year politically and people are taking things personally.
Denise Heavner, Jefferson, Ohio

I do occasionally talk politics with clients I know really well. I have many ladies I have been doing for four years or more; however, I do not state much of my opinion if it’s different from theirs, and I don’t do it with the majority of my clients at all.
Lucy Spalding Mardres, Inspire Esthetics Studio, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Politics and religion are two topics I try to avoid when I’m in the salon. There is way too much drama with the upcoming election and I don’t want to bring that into my work space. I want my guests to relax and enjoy their time here, not get caught up defending their faith or choice for office.
Brenda Skermont, Sassy Hair Nails Skin, Rockford, Il.

No, I never talk politics in the salon! I have some clients with very strong political opinions — to the point that one or two have insulted me. They don’t know that though, because if I’d said something an argument would have followed. It’s better to just shake your head and let it go. There may be some casual comments but nothing serious. It’s not worth losing the client. I had a client who is also a friend once ask me to put a political poster in my yard (I work from home) for her brother, and I had to tell her no. I told her we are politically neutral here. She understood, thank goodness. No politics ever!
Bonnie Brennan, New Look Salon, Swoyersville, Pa.

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