Men love our anti-gravity chiropractic chairs that give you a massage treatment during the pedicure. I do a Farmhouse Fresh pedicure and focus a little more on cleaning up their heels, soaking them in clementine oil, or using paraffin to soften up rough patches. After I dry file their heels, I always send them home with the file and let them know about home maintenance.
Tami Guerrero, Coastal Pedicure, Ventura, Calif.

Some men shy away from mani/pedis, so we offer “Hand and Foot Detailing.” We had a gentleman come in, and when I walked him to the back I said, ‘So, we’re getting a pedicure today?’ And he emphasized, ‘foot detailing.’ It made him feel less frilly. So we changed the name officially. Now we offer Hand Detailing (hand soak, file, cuticle care), Foot Detailing (soak feet in spa pedicure, file, cuticle care), and Spa Hand and Foot Detailing (includes paraffin treatment).
Melissa Finch, Mel’s Tips of the Trade, , West Des Moines, Iowa

We offer a signature Athlete’s Pedicure featuring an Epsom salt soak and a golf ball foot and calf massage, which perfectly incorporates sports gear into a service. Men sometimes do not know what to ask for when it comes to manicures and pedicures. I want them to be able to relax and not have to pick and choose from a long list of add-ons. We also have a wall-mounted flat-screen TV tuned to the latest ESPN headlines and popular sports match-ups. The gentlemen appreciate the overall experience that has been created.
Sheena Pickett, AlphaMale Nail Care, Charlotte, N.C.

A lot of my business is referral based. I do have many male clients who refer other men as well as wives/significant others and family members who refer male clientele. During the service I make recommendations and remind them of the benefits of the service to keep them coming back. Some men enjoy the services so much they become regular clients. I do list mani/pedi services on my menu with men in mind and I have occasional specials throughout the year. Although I provide snacks and water, I do not offer alcoholic beverages in order to keep things simple and professional.
Karla Rochelle, Pampered Hands and Feet, Chicago

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