A lengthy exchange on UK-based online beauty forum SalonGeek.com confirmed what you probably already suspect: Clients are annoying no matter where you live. The question, “What are your nail tech pet peeves?” elicited loads of responses, most of which are guaranteed to have you shaking your head in shared frustration.

Here are some excerpts:

ficklbum: When clients show you their nail is lifting by pushing the tip down and making it lift even more.

candy86: When the cuticle looks dry and they haven’t bought [cuticle] oil in months, yet they swear they’ve been oiling their nails twice a day.

ciderella71: When a nail “just popped off” and half the nail plate has “popped off” with it when you see it.

LuxeBeauty: When they don’t relax their hands even though you’ve asked them countless times. Or they angle and move their hands and fingers as you’re polishing, trying to help you with positioning. I feel like I’m wrestling with some clients!

attitude: Friends who say, “Oh, can you just bring all your stuff home with you, and you can do my nails Saturday night/Sunday/on your day off?” Ummm...how would you feel about doing your job out of working hours?

Spandangle: When they turn up 15+ minutes late and don’t even apologize and get you waaaay behind.

noreenoconnor: When they walk up to the salon in a huff that their nails are lifting after eight weeks, then try to convince you they normally get 12 weeks from their regular technician, then try to book a rebalance. Rebalance what? You have three nails left.

mikala-nails: When you’ve prepped their nails and they touch everything and rub their fingers through their hair, etc.

beautybyab: When they ask whether you’re doing more than one coat of gel-polish sounding worried as it looks sheer...then when you explain about the thin layers, they claim to know that the layers need to be thin. Well if you know then why ask!

Cathi44: When clients announce halfway through a treatment that they once did a one-day nail course (or that their second cousin twice removed is a nail tech) and so instantly they’re a nail expert.

Kiiirsty: When they sit using their phone and you want the hand that the phone is in.

Dana_Banana: Clients who bring in their children and let them touch everything, move stuff around, and knock things over! And clients who chomp on chewing gum with their mouth open really loudly while talking to you.

xShaz_23x: Clients who bring their whole family into the salon to sit and watch you do nails for one of them.

Jordon: When they inspect each nail after you’ve finished filing it, then after blending the tip, then applying the acrylic! Then painting it! After. Each. Nail.

MeenaTech: When a client has nasty bad breath. Also when a client keeps changing her mind on nail art DURING the service.

Sparrow23: When clients sample colors from my racks and do not retighten the lid properly. I’ve lost many new polishes this way.

blossom: What drives me mad is clients who bring their own polish and it’s gloopy, old, or has bits in it.


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