Take nail art to new lengths by adding a customized piercing and chain. Nail tech Nora Bustos (@nelibr4) of Stockton, Calif., demonstrates how she sculpted charms to bling a Valentine’s Day-inspired set.

Rose Charm

1. Start with a bead of acrylic and form it into the shape of a rose petal.

2. The petal can’t be too dry or too wet, so once the consistency is right, roll it up to form the center of the rose. Grab a toothpick and insert it into the rolled petal.

3. Once you have the center done, start building your rose by adding as many petals around it as you want.

4. After your rose is finished to your satisfaction, attach the chain to the bottom of the rose with acrylic to form the dangle.

Diamond Dangle

Pro tip: You’re going to need some wire so you can attach the diamond to the chain, a small ring, and some tweezers.

1. Start by dabbing glue of your choice on one end of the wire and insert it into the small hole in the diamond and let it dry.

2. Once dried, lead the wire up and form a loop with your tweezers so that it’s hanging from the ring.

3. Start to make a tight coil around the top of the diamond to secure it even further. Once that is done, attach the ring to the chain and you now have a dangle.

Heart Chain

1. Take a bead of white acrylic and shape it into a heart.

2. Once it is dry, add a fine white glitter to make it sparkle and cover it with clear acrylic to encapsulate the glitter to give the heart dimension. Allow to dry.

3. Turn the heart over, place the chain where you want it, and encapsulate the chain in white acrylic to secure it.

4. When you’re all done, top coat the heart with the gel of your preference and cure for a long-lasting shine that brings out the glitter and sparkle.

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