Omron Pocket Pedometer
This technologically advanced pedometer measures steps, aerobic steps (10 minutes or more of continuous movement), calories, and distance.  It also includes software so you can track your overall progress over days, weeks, months, and years. Its advanced 2D Smart Sensor Technology allows for accurate step counting in any position. (Be sure to check out NAILS’ 10k-a-Day walking challenge on page 112.) $45.

Tru Align System
Created by chiropractor Evelyn Zuehlke-Haworth, the Tru-Align Body System at-home self-care treatment system from Kacelia can help you literally unwind at the end of your workday. Just 20 minutes will ease back and neck pain, and correct posture and alignment. “Nail technicians are at high risk of developing health-threatening postural defects because of the unhealthy positions they must work in,” says Zuehlke-Haworth. “Those who perform pedicures are even more affected.” Once you set up the system — upholstered cushions, bolsters, and a face cushion that are handcrafted to form to the user’s body — you lie face down with your body supported at key points, while gravity does the rest.  $395.

Pampered Perch
The ergonomically designed Pampered Perch relieves muscle strain in the neck, shoulders, elbows, and lower back and helps prevent conditions such as ganglion cysts or carpal tunnel syndrome. It works by comfortably limiting client movement and aligning her hand in a way that improves the technician’s own hand position. Starts at $19.99.

The Lenox GX Pedicure Chair
Improve your posture and protect yourself from back pain with the Lenox GX Pedicure Chair. It features a telescopic foot rest that adjusts from 4” to 10” to accommodate every nail technician, and a left and right foot cushion the technician can adjust separately. Price varies.

Venice Insulated Lunch Bag with Ice Pack
Keep your healthy lunches and snacks fresh for hours with this stylish tote. Available in a variety of cute patterns, the bag is large enough for a water bottle, several  one- and two-cup containers, and more. An inner mesh pocket holds hold an ice pack (included), so it's a snap to pack and carry healthy food options to the salon. Starts at 14.99.

The Hand, Foot & Body Massage Tool Set
Benefit your own overworked, tired, and sore muscles while providing relief to your clients.  These nine ergonomically designed massage tools can be used during manicures and pedicures, and are designed to deliver acupressure at various trigger points, allowing you to massage deeply into the clients’ muscles without exhausting your own hands, shoulders, and back. $39.99.

Collins Westmond Table
As a result of spending countless hours each day looking down at clients’ hands, nail tech Carrie Bomar’s neck began to hurt. After a trip to the doctor, an emergency spinal fusion surgery, and an edict from her doctor that if she continued to work with her head hanging down, she might require additional surgery, Bromar got to work on her idea. The result is this ergonomically designed table — comfortable for both tech and client — that positions the client above the nail tech.  She patented her prototype, and the table is now available through Collins Manufacturing.  Visit website for pricing.

Fit & Fresh Chilled Salad Shaker Container with Dressing Dispenser
Take healthy meals to work with this all-in-one salad container with removable ice pack and dressing dispenser. The lid boasts a unique twist-and-release dressing dispenser that keeps dressing separate from your greens until you’re ready to eat. The salad bowl holds up to four cups, and the removable ice pack clips to lid to keep food chilled. The containers are BPA-free, PVC-free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and freezer safe. $9.99.

Wrist Assist
Nail tech Robin Stopper Renner invented this ergonomic tool after she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and told she had to give up doing nails. She was determined to come up with a solution to make the job less strenuous, so she developed the Wrist Assist, which supports the weight of the client’s hand and rolls, allowing you to bring the hand as close as necessary for comfort, improving your posture and relieving muscle fatigue.  Starts at $34.95.

Xtreme Canteen
Drinking enough water is essential for health and fitness, and this vacuum-insulated stainless steel canteen that doesn’t sweat keeps your water ice-cold up to 24 hours. What’s even better? It keeps hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours, so it’s a perfect option for bringing those healthy soups to work this winter. It comes in both 32-oz. and 40-oz. sizes. Choose between five stylish colors, including Blush, Shark, Royal, Tiffani, and Midnight.  Starts at $34.99.

Blender Bottle Classic
When you’re running late, there’s nothing better than a quick protein shake to fill you up. The Blender Bottle Classic makes it easy with embossed “oz.” and “mL” markings for perfect measurement and a surgical-grade stainless steel wire whisk ball that mixes ingredients from protein powder to peanut butter to make smooth shakes every time. The 32 oz.-capacity, BPA-free polypropylene bottle is dishwasher safe. $8.99.

Biofreeze Pain Relief
Especially long day in the salon? Used and recommended by chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and podiatrists, this topical analgesic provides temporary relief from aches and pains of sore muscles and joints from backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. Apply it to sore areas up to four times daily. $15.49.

Yoga Hands
Perfect for using  in-between clients or after work, this hand stretcher and exerciser can help to make hands relaxed and refreshed in just minutes, and help to alleviate and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, hand pain, and arthritis. $39.95.

Nail Specs
Shield your eyes from flying nail debris with Lauren Wireman’s line of protective eyewear made just for nail techs. The clear polycarbonate lenses provide more protection than regular plastic or glass lenses, and are also available as readers or “cheaters.” Best of all, there’s a variety of cute shapes and styles available, some even blinged out with Swarovski crystals. $12.

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