Offer your clients a natural-looking design that has a touch of femininity using Mia Secret’s acrylic system. The advanced-blended, low-odor formula features superior adhesion, offers non-yellowing properties, and provides strength and endurance. Pair the system with Mia Secret’s Gelux gel-polish and nail art supplies to up the ante on the classic pink-and-white look. Follow these steps to see how Mia Secret’s international master educator Blanca Martinez sculpted a French tip and painted a glistening floral finish.

1. Prep the nail by filing and applying Mia Secret Nail Prep. Apply Mia Secret Xtrabond Primer to improve adhesion. Mix together Mia Secret Cover Pink and Multibalance Natural Pink Acrylic Powder to begin extending the nail bed for a natural look.

2. Sculpt the free edge with Mia Secret White Acrylic Powder.

3. Shape and smooth the nail structure with Mia Secret 100/100 Speedy Zebra file.

4. Use a square nail brush, acrylic paint, and the one-stroke technique to create a flower and leaves.

5. Apply foil adhesive, creating a beautiful and feminine design over the nail bed and smile line. Cure for 45 seconds under Mia Secret Portable LED nail light.

6. Place the foil over the adhesive, press it down for a few seconds, and remove it quickly and carefully. Repeat the step as desired.

7. Apply a coat of Gelux Stars of Splash soak-off gel-polish, cure for 45 seconds, and remove any sticky residue with Mia Secret Gel Cleanser. Apply Mia Secret UV Finish Gel Ultra Shine and cure for 45 seconds. Condition and moisturize with Mia Secret Cuticle Oil.

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