With more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, Ontario, Calif.-based nail tech Yulie Gonzalez stays on top of the trends to offer clients and fans the latest and greatest. Gonzalez predicts the summer season will call for embellished nail looks with an iridescent finish. Sticking to that trend forecast, this nail tech with five years of experience offers a tutorial on how to encapsulate glitter acrylic to add dimension and shine to get a hot look. 

1. Start by gluing a tip to the nail, file and shape to your liking. Add a very thin layer of clear acrylic to the nail bed to avoid staining the natural with the colored acrylic.

2. Apply about four bright-colored glitter acrylics to the nail in random order to create an abstract look. It helps to add only a pea-size bead of acrylic of each color.

3. Add iridescent embellishments in different shapes and sizes to the nail to create dimension and extra shine. Adhere the sequined embellishments with clear acrylic to encapsulate them.

4. Once the acrylic is dry, buff the nail to smooth out the surface.

5. Use a striper brush and black polish or acrylic paint to add a swirl design.

6. When the design is dry, seal the look with gel top coat for maximum shine.

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