Transform traditional nail polish into gel-polish in seconds with Gelibility. The customizable gel-polish created by nail tech, Brandi Hensley, has a unique dual-purpose formula that leaves manicures feeling strong and looking shiny. Now you can customize any gel color for a straight gel manicure by simply mixing both formulas. Follow these steps to find out how to make it yourself.

1. Apply a thin coat of Gelibility Stick It! soak-off bonder to clean, prepped nails. Cure under LED light for 30 seconds or 120 seconds under UV light.

2. Using alcohol on a lint-free free wipe or cotton ball, clean the tacky layer from the nails.

3. Put an equal amount of Gelibility Fix It! soak-off gel and your favorite nail polish on a palette or a small dish.

4. Using the brush from the nail polish, mix the Gelibility Fix It! and the nail polish well. Do not use the Gelibility Fix It! brush to mix or apply because it may contaminate the formula with the polish and it should stay clear for multiple uses.

5. With the nail polish brush, apply a thin coat of the freshly mixed gel-polish to the nails.

6. Cure under LED light 60 seconds or 120 seconds under UV light. Apply a second coat of the gel-polish mix and cure again. Do not remove the tacky layer after curing.

7. Apply a thin coat of Gelibility soak-off gel to seal the nail and make it shine. Cure once more for 60 seconds with LED light or 120 seconds with UV light.

8. Remove the tacky layer with alcohol and a cotton pad to get shiny, strong, and chip-free nails.

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