With a goal to match manicure colors to the wardrobe needs of film and television stars, celeb nail stylist Julia Palmer launched Wet Paint. In an attempt to produce a product line with no harsh chemicals and toxins, Palmer teamed up with chemists and professional luxury car painters to create a unique collection of 15 translucent color jellies. The Los Angeles-based brand offers Top Coat Jelly polish formulated with enamel technology that yields depth of color and shine. The polish is cruelty-free and does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP.
Follow this step-by-step using Wet Paint’s Top Coat Jellies and find out how to execute a tie-dye design. 
1. Prep the nail with base coat. Once dry, apply a diagonal stroke of Raincoat Slicker right below the cuticle. 
2. Repeat the previous step with different colored Jelly polishes at least three more times. 
3. Drag a toothpick back and forth across the diagonal stripes to create trails. 
4. Let the polish completely dry and apply top coat. Clean up any sticky residue around the nail using a small brush
dipped in polish remover.  
Tip: Work quickly so the nail polish doesn’t dry. In order to create the trail effect, the polish must be wet. 

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