Q: I recently made a move to upstate New York, and just today I found a cute little space to set up in. My biggest fear is that when the brutally cold winter hits, my product will freeze when I’m not in the shop and the heat is turned down. Brr. Help?

A: Skin would freeze before monomer would freeze! Most of your products should be fine if the heat is turned down a bit. You won’t want to turn the heat off completely, as your pipes would freeze and burst. If your heater has a timer, have it kick on a couple hours before it’s time for you to go in. When it comes to nail polish, you can place the color your client selects in your apron pocket to use body heat to slowly and safely bring it to room temperature while you perform the manicure. A nice client extra you might also consider is a heated pad under the table towel. My clients love that as a winter treat to keep their hands warm while I work on them!     

-Holly Schippers, also known as “The FingerNailFixer,” is a CND education ambassador and nail tech in Bussey, Iowa

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