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A New Shape for Nails

by NLS Staff | June 4, 2013

According to Allure magazine’s June 2013 issue, celebrities are opting for a new nail shape over the once-popular stiletto nail.

Manicurist Kimmie Kyees says the new shape allows for typing and texting! “It’s long and filed to be really thin, but the tip is a soft curve, not Lady Gaga sharp.”

Follow these steps with patience and a good file to achieve the look:

Step one: Let your nails grow at least a quarter of an inch past your finger. Kyees recommends applying a nail strengthener, such as OPI Nail Envy and Orly Nailtrition, once a week if your nails tend to split or break.

Step two: File the sides. Holding the file parallel to the side of your nail, angle it toward the tip to narrow the nail without making it triangular. Kyees says to keep switching between the right and left side to avoid ending up with a lopsided nail.

Step three: Work on the tips. Round off the tips by rocking the file lightly back and forth on the tip of the nail as you file it. Apply less pressure than on the sides so you don’t file away too much.


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