Mars The Salon, one of Tokyo’s most luxurious nail-care destinations, has opened its first outpost in North America with the debut of Mars The Salon Los Angeles, located near the fashionable intersection of Melrose and La Cienega. A combination of natural elements and soothing lines, Mars is designed to put the body at ease and the mind at peace in a serene environment. Each nail service is performed in a large private room lavishly appointed with a custom-made leather chair, a built-in porcelain foot bath and a high-definition television with headphones. A changing room is provided for guests who wish to slip into comfortable pants or sandals prior to their service, or dress for an occasion upon completion. No detail has been overlooked, down to immaculate restroom facilities with a Japanese-style toilet and bidet.

Mars adheres to the Japanese cultural tradition of “treasuring every encounter” by warmly welcoming each guest and delivering an exemplary level of attentiveness. Each of the salon’s nail professionals has received rigorous training, not only in the art of nail care and design, but also in service to ensure every guest’s complete comfort and satisfaction. The staff is equally adept at serving both male and female guests and the salon’s clientele in Tokyo is typically split evenly.

Truly artists, Mars’ expert staff can match any color using custom pigments and recreate any design or pattern a guest desires. In addition, the salon’s refined application technique produces nail art that can last for three or more weeks. Among the salon’s other offerings are a 90-minute spa manicure that includes fastidious attention to the nail bed and cuticles, a seasonal scrub, mask, and massage applied to the lower arms and hands, plus polish application. The 100-minute spa pedicure includes nail and callus care, seasonal scrub, mask, a luxurious foot massage, and polish. Both services can be combined with two nail artists working simultaneously.

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