Young Nails’ Speed White acrylic is a fast-setting, intense white intended to show off perfect smile lines and designed for clients who love the dramatic French look. When combined with Young Nails’ Pink Cover acrylic it can create an elegant pink-and-white look. The Cover Pink is self-leveling with a medium viscosity and flawless consistency. And the Young Nails Imagination Art Brush is designed for the perfect styling and shaping of texture when it comes to color powders.

1. Push back the cuticles. With an e-file, prep the natural nail with a medium arbor band. Using Swipe, clean the natural nail of all debris and oil. Apply Protein Bond to all 10 nails. Reapply Protein Bond on all 10 nails a second time.

2. Use Cover Pink to do your reverse application technique and make your smile line on all 10 nails. Apply forms.

3. Use your Imagination Art brush to pick up a pearl of Speed White, and starting toward the bottom of the form drag your Speed White into the right corner of your smile line.

4. Let the Speed White set up for a few seconds. Starting at the top near the smile line, apply pressure on your Imagination Art brush on the right side of the Speed White, pushing left into the Speed White.

5. Move down the line of Speed White and move to the left of the line of Speed White and push your Imagination Art brush to the right. Repeat steps three and four to create your ribbon look.

6. Apply another line of Speed White from the left side of the smile line toward the tip of the nail and repeat steps three and four. After applying as many ribbons as desired, cap the free edge of the nail with Speed Clear.

7. File into shape. Remove dust. Apply Finish Gel to the top of the nail.

8.  Apply Finish Gel to bottom of the nail. Cure for two minutes in a UV light.

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