1. Prep the skin where the art is to be applied. Make sure the area is free of hair and remove any oils or lotions using an alcohol swab.

2. Choose the design. Spray the Transfer Liquid on the back side of the image making sure to wet the entire design.

3. Immediately place the front side of the wet design on the skin and apply light pressure with your fingers for three seconds. Then gently lift the design to reveal the image transferred on to the skin.

4. Apply the skin adhesive over the image by tracing the outline of the design. When the adhesive is first applied it will appear to be slightly blue in color. When the glue has dried clear it is ready for the glitter.

5. Choose which color glitter you want to use and shake directly over the image. The glitter will stick to the dried adhesive. Gently press the glitter into the image for maximum coverage.

6. Brush away any excess glitter from the skin.

7. Apply skin adhesive to the next section of the image you wish to cover. Repeat steps four through six until the entire image is covered.

To find out more about Rainbow Body Skin Art, go to www.nailsmag.com/fifi/20420.

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