When NSI polled nail techs from around the world about their clients’ biggest complaints, salon odor was at the top of the list. “Odors are caused by vapors in the air,” says Risé Carter, international sales and education director for NSI. “Rapidly evaporating liquids give off large amounts of vapor. The amount of odor is directly related to how quickly a liquid evaporates. That means preventing the rapid evaporation of liquids can lower the odor in the environment.”

Here are Carter’s tips for controlling odors:

> First and foremost, an extraction ventilation system is best because it will extract dust, vapors, and other tiny particles and drive them outside where they can dissipate into the air. Not only will this decrease odors, but it will keep you from inhaling dust, vapors, etc.

 > Use fresh monomer for every client or every other client. Place monomer in a dappen dish with a lid to keep evaporation to a minimum. Keep all products properly sealed and capped in their original containers or an airtight container.

> Properly dispose of unused monomer. Place all soiled paper towels, client towels, and nail wipes used to clean your brush in a plastic bag placed in a trash receptacle. Keep a lid on all trash receptacles and take out the trash every evening.

> Choose your nail liquids wisely. NSI’s Attraction Nail Liquid was formulated to evaporate more slowly, therefore expelling lower odor. There are also aroma-free monomers, such as Spa Nail Liquid. UV gels are also aroma-free.  

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