C. A. Therien offers a wide variety of handmade fimo clay canes for beautiful nail art. Fimo canes are easily cut into thin slices, or designs can be purchased in convenient pre-cut packs. Fimo can be encased in acrylic or gel, or glued on top of polish and sealed with a gel top coat.  

1. Cut two slices of leopard animal print raw fimo cane about 1-mm thick. Lay them side by side onto ceramic tile or other non-porous surface and place plastic wrap over the slices. Use your nail brush as a rolling pin and gently roll the slices until they are thin.

2. Remove plastic wrap. Slide your blade underneath the rolled-out clay. Use a wooden stick to keep it from curling over.

3. Prep and extend the nail, and add a thin layer of clear product. While the product is still tacky, place the animal print across the nail horizontally. Press gently to push any air toward the edges.

4. Trim the clay into a triangle, with the narrow point being midway along the length of the nail. Use colored acrylic or gel to fill in the areas at the top and bottom of the triangle. Cure.

5. Slice the calla lily cane. Trim the clay close to the design.

6. Add a layer of clear product onto the entire nail, and while still wet, press the calla lily design into it.

7. Fully encase the design with more clear product.

8. Buff and add sealer as desired.

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