Take a Tip From ... INM's Rachel Mouritsen

by Staff Writer | October 1, 2009

INM’s director of education Rachel Mouritsen explains the difference between applying odorless acrylics and standard acrylics. The trend toward odor free nail enhancements has spiked a demand for odorless acrylics.

Odorless acrylics require a much drier application than traditional acrylics. The ratio is 1:1, and if too much monomer is used you will get an application that is sticky and runny. To help solve this problem, rather than cleaning your brush in monomer and continuing your application, you should wipe your brush to remove the product and then gently pat your brush into the powder to give it a light coating. Then you can continue with the application and smooth your product out. With a correct application the tacky layer should be minimal and very simple to file off .

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KUPA Introduces MANIPro Passport Plus

Industry News

KUPA Introduces MANIPro Passport Plus

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KUPA’s long awaited keynote today revealed the MANIPro Passport Plus, the latest e-file from the brand. The machine was inspired by high-end luxury items such as designer perfume and a Montblanc pen. The new machine is digital, as opposed to analog.

Professional Manicure Tool Kit


Professional Manicure Tool Kit


LeChat's Professional Manicure Tool Kit creates a convenient package in an easy carrying case and is perfect for students starting out. The kit includes a cuticle pusher, C-curve pincher, acrylic nipper, color gel spatula, cuticle nipper, and nail form scissors.

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