Migi Nail Art consultant Dena Parro shows how to use the company’s nail art pens to decorate your phone.

All pen colors named are from Migi Nail Art. For more information, go to www.miginailart.com.

1. In the center of your cell phone screen, gently squeeze a pink nail art pen to create an elongated uneven circle that will be the dragonfly’s body. Pull out from the center to create the outline of three petal-shaped wings on each side. Draw a V-shaped antennae on top of the body.


2. Fill in the top wings with a green nail art pen. Fill in the middle wings with a light blue nail art pen. Fill in the bottom wings with a dark blue nail art pen. Highlight the dragonfly’s eyes using a bright pink pen. Use a green nail art pen to create a swirl and six dots below the dragonfly.

3. Use a purple nail art pen to draw small dots on the outer edge.

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