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by Sree Roy | May 1, 2009

(Editor's note:  Check your state board's regulations before adding waxing to your menu to ensure you/your techs hold the proper license.)

Brow Design & Brow Clean Up

ZaZa Nail Spa, San Francisco

 Price: $21 (brow design); $18 (brow clean up)

Time: 10-20 minutes

Getting clients interested: The salon’s receptionists are able to thoroughly explain the benefits and convenience of waxing. They all maintain their eyebrows to perfection, making them great spokeswomen for the salon.

What’s included: The salon uses a high-quality hard wax that is great for the face’s sensitive skin.

Why it’s successful for the salon: “The combination of our staff’s experience and high-quality products makes every visit a great one, and the lasting benefits keep our customers coming back,” says co-owner Rachel Wong. 


Brazilian Wax

Fleur de Lys Nail & Waxing Studio, Portland, Ore.

Price: from $55; $45 for maintenance (for clients who come in every four weeks)

Time: 10-30 minutes

Getting clients interested: The salon runs an occasional special in which it offers the service for $40; the special is marketed through mass e-mail to existing clients. The salon also places Brazilian waxing discount cards in lingerie shops.

What’s included: The salon uses a basic honey wax and a pure oil remover. “These work best for most clients, and I have the least amount of reactions from keeping it simple,” says owner Kim Paulson. The salon advises clients to use a scrubbing glove on the area a few days after the service and every couple of days thereafter to keep ingrown hairs to a minimum.

Why it’s successful for the salon: Paulson notes the service doesn’t take a lot of time, has a high rate of return clients, and a low service cost.[PAGEBREAK]



Honey Child Salon and Spa, Chicago

Price: from $65

Time: 45 minutes

Getting clients interested: Owner Bambi Montgomery says clients opt for this service “mostly at the request of their significant other”.

What’s included: The salon has a selection of wax to choose from depending on the texture and sensitivity of the client’s skin. It also recommends Universal Companies’ No Scream Cream to apply prior to the service and Tend Skin as an at-home treatment to avoid ingrown hairs.

Why it’s successful for the salon: Montgomery says Honey Child is the only spa in the area that she’s aware of offering this service. She also credits spa director Santha Dulaney as bringing in clients with her reputation as “Chicago’s wax guru”.


 Jay Leno (Chin) Wax

The Nail Bar, Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Price: $15

Time: 5-10 minutes

Getting clients interested: “When I see nail clients, I’ll walk out with my card and a coupon. I try not to be too pushy, but just throw it out there,” says esthetician Reina Wilson. She’ll also let prospective clients know that name ‘Jay Leno’ makes it more comfortable to them,” she adds.

What’s included: The esthetician cleans the area, applies a pre-wax oil to soothe and condition the client’s skin, and applies a tea tree soothing lotion after waxing. She also advises clients against exfoliation for the next 48 hours and tells them to wear sunscreen.

Why it’s successful for the salon: The salon uses lavender hard wax, which Wilson says sticks only to hair (not skin), cutting down on redness and pain.[PAGEBREAK]


 Hand/Feet Wax

Diana’s Nail & Spa, Chicago

 Price: $10 for hands; $10 for feet

Time: 10 minutes

Getting clients interested: The salon posts a small menu of waxing services at each manicure table. Also, nail techs talk to their clients about the various service offerings.

What’s included: Before waxing, clients are encouraged to avoid excess sun exposure and tanning for at least five days and heavy exercise/sweating for eight hours. After waxing, clients are told to avoid exfoliating for at least 72 hours and avoid heavy exercise/sweating for eight hours. Clients are encouraged to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 20.

Why it’s successful for the salon: “Our waxing technician is quick and makes our clients comfortable,” says Diana Dinh, owner. “Plus, the price is reasonable and the services are great.”


Leg Wax (on the Mommy “Me” Time Adult Menu)

Spa Di Da, Los Angeles

 Price: $45

Time: 45 minutes

Getting clients interested: The kid’s salon offers the adult menu as a convenience to the parents of the child clients. The mom feels comfortable having this service done while her child is being supervised during his or her service.

What’s included: To put a “fun twist” on the adult services, April Weiss, director of operations, says the salon choose Chocolate Wax by GiGi and the full regimen of Satin Smooth before- and after-care products.

Why it’s successful for the salon: “The clients have already become so familiar with the environment and the knowledge of the staff through bringing in their own children that they become very comfortable taking advantage of such services,” Weiss says.[PAGEBREAK]


Silk Treatments (Arm Wax)

Nail Fetish Inc., Chicago

 Price: from $20 (underarm silk),

from $25 (half arm silk), from $35 (full arm silk)

Time: 15 minutes (underarm), 20 minutes (half arm), 35 minutes (full arm)

Getting clients interested: The salon informs clients of the measures the techs take to prevent redness and irritation. “Most clients sway away from waxing services for this reason,” owner Tanishia Savage says.

What’s included: The salon uses the Satin Smooth line, which Savage says is inexpensive, but works well.

Why it’s successful for the salon: The salon goes the extra mile to show clients the techs care about what they do. “Clients always comment on how we take extra steps that they’ve never seen before. We believe this sets them at ease,” Savage says.


Lip Wax

Paint Nail Boutique, Chicago

Price: $12

Time: 6-7 minutes

Getting clients interested: “We normally ask if the clients need any waxing service done after they get eyebrows waxed or after manicures and pedicures,” says co-owner Mickie Lee. “If first-time clients are reluctant, I offer it on the house for them to get a taste of it, so they can experience for themselves that it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

What’s included: First, the salon wipes the skin with either Clean & Easy’s cleansing solution or Depilève’s pre base. After waxing, the salon uses either Clean & Easy’s after waxing oil or Depilève’s soothing cream, depending on the client’s reaction. The salon also keeps hydrocortisone on hand for those with sensitive skin to reduce the redness as soon as possible. Tweezing, for those stray hairs the wax doesn’t get, is also included in the pr

Why it’s successful for the salon: Lip waxing frequently goes hand-in-hand with eyebrow waxing, which is another add-on service the salon offers. Lee notes that lip waxing is a great add-on service because it uses minimal supplies and a short amount of time (compared to manicures and pedicures.)

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