The newly opened Vanity Beauty Lounge in San Francisco is part sexy boudoir, part Manhattan lounge, and all nails-focused glamour. The design of the manicure-pedicure area (shown) of the 1,400-sq.-ft. salon makes it the ideal place for bachelorette parties and a dramatic escape from the pressures of the Financial District where the salon is located.

Rich colors dominate the space, while vinyl slat flooring replicating dark wood grain anchors it. The plentiful mirrors come from the name “vanity.” “They were visually interesting and it was more cost effective to have many mirrors of varying sizes than have them custom made,” says Jo Laurie, principal of New York City-based Jo Laurie Design LLC. The salon also saved money by using wallpaper as art (shown as the oversized flower design in a frame) and off-the-shelf furnishings. A crystal chandelier, bought from an antique store, was a splurge item.

Salon owner Jade Goranson says she was able to afford a designer by spending as little as possible when building out the salon. “I just built out a box basically.  This meant my design budget could increase,” Goranson says. She recommends that a salon owner who can’t afford a design firm should considering hiring an interior designer who offers a per hour fee, to work on creating a vision that the salon could later execute.

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