Have you ever taken the time to figure out exactly how much your non-show are costing you in lost revenue? Pam Karousis did, and she was shocked when she tailed up the figures. “One year I kept track of exactly how much money I lost. The final amount was a whopping $2,076!”, says Karousis, owner of Nail Designs Unlimited in Cortland, Ohio.

After seeing the numbers in black and white, Karousis realized she couldn’t  afford to keep losing that kind of money. So she composed a nice letter to her clients requesting they let her know at least two hours in advance if they can’t make their appointment. “I even enclosed a quarter in a tiny Ziplock bag stapled to the letter,” she says. “As long as I have a two-hour window of opportunity, I have plenty of time to call clients on the waiting list, or to ask my last appointment to come in early.

Her letter went to explain the non-shows would be required to pay $25 fee for their missed appointment before she could book another one for them. In addition, she hung a sign at her station spelling out her policy.

When she does have a non-show, Karousis handles it right away. “After 15 to 20 minutes have passed, I’m on the phone to the client,” she says. “Perhaps I do have them written down in the wrong spot. Or maybe they think their appointment is the following week, and if I don’t call, they’ll show up on the wrong day.”

Thus far, her clients have been very understanding. “Once client called me from California to let me know her flight was delayed, and she wouldn’t be able to make her 6p.m. Appointment. I’ve even had clients check themselves out of the hospital early to make their nail appointment, she says.

Karousis isn’t the only nail tech to requires compensation for lost time. Here’s a sampling of other salons posted cancellation policies.

Abbinito Salon and Make Studio, Ashland ,Ore. “Please call....48 hours in advance if you must cancel an appointment. No- shows will be reschedules at owners discretion and charged half the price of the scheduled service.”

Z Place Salon & Spa, Kennewick, Wash.... “If you need to move or cancel your appointment, please give 24-hour advance notice. Repeated no-shows or cancellation without 24-hour notice may required credit card pre-payments to make a reservation.”

A Touch of London Day Spa, Spring, Texas. “Two no-shows require cash pre-payment next appointment, and also, a no-show on a gift certificate is considered used. A 50% charge [will be applied to] the gift certificate for a late cancellation.

Looks, Columbia, Md. “We request a 48-hour notice of change or cancellation. A credit card is required to hold three or more service or for two or more persons in the same party. We reserve the right to charge a free for late change, cancellation, or no-show of half the service scheduled.”

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