While landing a spot on NAILS 1999 Top Competitors Ranking undoubtedly sent her spirits soaring, it’s Alisha Rimando’s new job as a flight attendant that has her head above the clouds. Although Rimando, owner of home-based The Studio in Dallas, still considers nails her “bread and butter,” she says flying offers a good alternative to spending time behind a desk. After receiving the necessary training, Rimando landed a spot with a private charter company catering to “very rich people” who can afford the $6,200-per-hour-tab.

She recently accepted a four-month assignment flying with the “Starts on Ice” four: The plane, similar to a DC9, holds 25 people and has a bedroom, conference room, two sofas, and eight reclining chairs. “I’ll be on duty for three weeks, then be flow home for a week so I can take care of my nail clients,” explains Rimando. She says she opted for a private company rather than a commercial airline because the pay is better and the more flexible schedule allows her to keep her nail clients happy as well.

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