With experience comes wisdom, they say. And that has proved to be true for the technicians at The Nail Shop of Carrollwood in Tampa, Fla., who say working in the booth rental salon has taught them a thing or two about the nail business that they didn’t learn in school. NAILS asked the technicians what they know now that they wish they had known when they started out.

Jennifer Nicholson: I wish I would have known how successful I could be in the business. I would have started younger. I also wish I would have known how much of an investment I would need to make. I would have saved more money before starting in the business.

Lisa Montero: I wish I would have known how quickly I would go through supplies.

Landa Cuono: I wish I had a more clear sense of how long it would take to build a clientele. I thought I would be making great money right out of school. It takes time to fine-tune your skills so that you can handle any client’s needs. Over the years, I have learned how to keep clients coming back, but I would have welcomed more training in communication skills and building a rapport with the clients. I would also have appreciated more information on managing personal and business finances.

Starr Wilson: I wish I would have known more about solving lifting problems. I would have liked more information on body chemistry and its effect on the application of artificial nails.

Cathryn Myers (salon owner/technician): I wish I would have known how difficult it is to find quality people to work in the salon. I expected the long hours and hard work it takes to build my own clientele, but I am still amazed at how difficult it is to find people with the same work ethic.

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