I have a framed price list, and at the bottom of the list it states, “A six-hour appointment cancellation notice is appreciated. There will be a charge for all no-show appointments as this time is reserved for you.” All my clients honor this policy.

Patty Heintz

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Overland Park, Kan.

I usually call a no-show client to let her know she has missed her appointment, then give her the opportunity to tell me what’s a good time for her to come in. I think that going a little out of your way to call a no-show client shows her she was missed. Next time, though, I would call her to confirm.

Donna Longo

Salon J. Stevens

St. James, N.Y.

We make it a salon procedure to contact a no-show client within 10 minutes of her missed appointment. We approach the situation with the attitude that we are very sorry she could not make the scheduled time, and we let her know it is very important to us to see her soon at a more convenient time. Building relationships with our customers and helping them with their busy schedules has proven, over the long run, to be beneficial for us.

Michele Yaksich

Nail Galleria

Pittsburgh, Pa.

The first time it happens, I recommend politely calling the client to verify the appointment time to determine if there was an error on the part of the salon or the technician. You can usually sense if there was a mistake, if the no-show was intentional, or if the client had a genuine lapse of memory. If it happens a second time, I suggest calling to advise the client that apparently appointments made in advance do not work in her busy schedule, and that in the future, if she stops in and you’re not busy, you will be happy to service her. It’s important that you don’t take a heavy-handed approach; however, it is costly to keep habitual no- shows on the book.

Jo Ann Tackovich

Exclusively Nails

Akron, Ohio

I’ve found that the most efficient way to handle no-shows is to prevent them. Each day, I call and confirm the appointments for the next day. Calling them a day ahead prevents forgotten appointments and also verifies the correct time. Only once did I turn away a customer due to chronic no-shows or lateness.

Dawn DelSasso

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Salon One-O-Five

Silverdale, Wash.

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