If a state legislation that was introduced in February passes, nail technician students in Tennessee will have to complete 600 hours of education, instead of the currently required 300 hours.

                The State Board has not approved the legislation, but according to administrative director Evelyn Griffin, the board favors increased education requirements because of the tremendous increase in manicurists working in the state and concerns about sanitation. An estimated 2,500 licensed technicians are working in Tennessee today---a five-fold increase from the 500 technicians who held licenses in 1991.

                Licensed technicians who move to Tennessee will be required to take the state board exam, which has an extensive section on sanitation, Griffin says. More and more sanitation problems have been cropping up, she says. “I had a lady in my office the other day. Her nails were five days old and she had a sore on every finger. It’s just poor sanitation,” Griffin says.

                Cosmetology schools have told board members that more education is the answer; Griffin expects the schools to support the bill, which was introduced by Senator Carol Rice. The bill covers more than just nail issues and the state cosmetology board is still studying it, Griffin says.            

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