Texas Trying to Toughen Ventilation, Sanitation Regs

Stricter sanitation and ventilation regulations are in store for Texas nail technicians if the Texas Cosmetology Commission (TCC) adopts revised regulations that are currently going through the approval process. The proposed regulations, which if approved would go into effect as early as January 1, 1994, concern ventilation and sanitation.

New ventilation requirements for salons that offer nail services stipulate that “all contaminants in the breathing atmosphere shall be exhausted to the outdoor air.”

“We’ve had a lot of complaints from businesses neighboring nail salons in strip malls; for example, headaches, rashes, and respiratory problems,” says Alicia Ayers, executive secretary to the director of the TCC.

Nail technicians will be required to have both wet and dry sanitizers at their station, and the regulations stipulate that disinfectants must be hospital-grade, EPA-approved germicidal solutions. All implements must be disinfected before each service and immersed in a wet sanitizing solution when not in use during the service. Then they must be washed and disinfected after each service and stored in an airtight container. The rules also state that emery boards and lotion-warming cups must be disposed of after each use and clean towels must be used with each client.

Missouri Supports Separate Esthetician License

The Missouri Cosmetology Association(MCA) supports a bill that may be introduced to the stage legislature in January that would require a separate esthetician license. Currently, you must be a licensed cosmetologist to practice skin care in Missouri, but the bill suggests a separate license and 750 hours of education and a passing grade on a state board exam. Salon professionals who want to support the bill or offer input on how it is written can contact MCA legislative committee member Pam Long at (314) 464-5767 before November 30.

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