Spilo planning to move to new facility

Charles Spilo has recently announced they are moving to their own new and larger facility. The new international headquarters consists of two stories of offices as well as the “most modern of warehouses, providing quick and efficient handling and processing of customer orders.”

Nutress Labs develops new polish thinner

Nuttress Labs, located in North Hollywood, California, has developed several products a new nail polish thinner and new nail boards The polish thinner is available in two-and-a- half ounce sizes and is designed to fit into the neck of the polish bottle. According to the company, the product features a “one drop at a time tip” but is not an eyedropper The new nail boards from the company are available in garnet, black and silver and are particularly effective with the Nuttiess Laos line.

Magic Sculptura debuts reusable files

The newest and latest in the Magic Sculptura family of professional tools is Ebony and Ivory files. According to the company the files can be cleaned, sanitized and reused. “Ebony is used to shape and super smooth the sculptured nail or to trim off the excess on silk or linen wraps. The Ivory is to buff out all nails; natural, sculptured, wraps and tips,” according to the company. “File with it all you want then scrub it up and it will look and perform just like new.”

Gossip and the manicurist...

Here is a little tidbit passed along by a nail sculpturist friend... it seems that a particular pet peeve of hers is the gossiping that goes on in the salon after a customer leaves. “You would be surprised what the girls will say about one of the clients as soon as she leaves the shop. And how do you think that makes the next client feel? Do you really think she may come back if she thinks that catty, gossipy remarks are being made about her when she leaves? My suggestion to all manicurists and sculpturists out there is this: Do not talk about a client, do not gossip about her in any way especially if you have other customers in the shop. It is one of the fastest ways to lose your clientele.”

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