Disinfection is crucial for salon safety, but with so many products available, how can you choose the best one? Ask these questions when selecting a disinfectant product for your salon.

1. How is a salon disinfectant different from the products I use at home?
Household disinfectants don’t work at the high level necessary to keep people safe at the salon. It’s crucial to select a disinfectant that will eliminate all pathogens found in spas and salons. Formulas originally created for use in hospital and health care settings will have a very high kill rate and are suitable for salons.

2. Does the product clean, sanitize or disinfect my surfaces?
Cleaning means removing visible debris with soap and water. Sanitizing reduces the number of bacteria on a surface but does not kill viruses and fungus. Disinfection kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, and is required for salon surfaces and equipment. Some products are able to clean and sanitize as well as disinfect.

3. Are there harsh chemicals?
Many disinfectants are formulated with harsh chemicals, like phenols, bleach and alcohol disinfectants that can be harmful to the user and the planet. However, there are gentler, more environmentally friendly disinfectants available such as hydrogen peroxide.

4. How long does it take to properly disinfect?
The amount of time the product must remain wet on the surface before disinfection is achieved is called contact time. Contact time, will vary depending on the product. Some products may evaporate before the full contact time is achieved, requiring reapplication. Be sure to read the directions thoroughly and choose a product that’s effective in a rapid and realistic contact time. For example 10 minutes might be an unrealistic amount of time to keep a surface wet in one application.

5. Is the product EPA or FDA registered? Which do I need in my salon?
To comply with state board regulations, it’s important to use products that have been registered with the correct authority. EPA and FDA-registered disinfectants are evaluated to confirm they eliminate the germs listed on the product label. Disinfectants for surfaces should be EPA-registered. Since the FDA approves disinfectants used for tools in a medical setting, some tool disinfectants are FDA-registered instead. Check with your individual state board to confirm requirements in your state.

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