Any nail tech who offers gel services to clients understands the importance of a good, dependable UV/LED lamp. Here are five questions to consider before you make the purchase.

Will you use the lamp for both manicures and pedicures?
If you’re going to use the same lamp on manicures and pedicures, you’ll find life is a lot easier with a cordless lamp that transitions easily from one space to the next. Cordless, rechargeable lamps, such as Gel II’s 7D Diamond Lamp, provide techs the convenience of mobility without having to maneuver cords or find available outlets.

Can the lamp be used with multiple gels?
Some UV/LED lamps are intended to be used only with specific brands of gel. If you need more flexibility, choose a lamp that will cure a wider range of gels. Some of the latest models have a 36W bulb that is able to cure 99% of gels on the market in less time. 

Will the UV/LED lamp be comfortable for clients?
Look for a lamp with a wide opening that can accommodate larger hands and feet to avoid clients feeling awkward and uncomfortable. These details are easy to overlook, but they make a big difference in the overall experience because they allow clients to relax and enjoy the service in comfort.

What features of a UV/LED will make your job easier?
Consider the recommendations of the gels’ setting instructions, the gel colors you are most likely to apply, and if you use gel for nail art. All of these affect the length of time the gel needs to set. Choose a lamp that gives you versatility with multiple timed settings. For example, the 7D Diamond Lamp has five different timed settings to choose from, plus a motion sensor that turns the lamp on as soon as the hand or foot is placed inside the light.         

Will the UV/LED lamp require a lot of maintenance?
Some cordless, rechargeable UV/LED lamps hold their charge for only a short time, which means they require more time and attention to maintain. Look for a lamp that can hold a charge for at least 10 hours so you aren’t forced to stop and recharge during the workday.   

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