Introducing something new can be a daunting task. It has become easier since I learned that it’s easy to introduce new things when trust is established with everything you do. You also have to know every single detail about the new product and, most importantly, why you chose it and how it’s going to benefit your client’s individual needs.
Pam Luang, Opaque Nail Studio, Portland, Ore. @opaquenailstudio

My daughter and I always try new products on ourselves first. Our clients are so used to seeing new things on us all the time, that they come in and ask, “What's new?” Anything that is new we swatch, whether it's polish colors, chromes, pigment, or new nail art stuff. We put it on top of our lamps so when they sit down they immediately see it. We always post stuff on our social media pages so sometimes they come in looking for it before they even sit down at our tables.
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Wear it first, and then offer it to the client at the same price they normally would pay for their service (only once, and if it’s more expensive). I usually just give a discount, it makes people feel safe.
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Wear it!
Candy Doerkson
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I always try out new products first before introducing them to my clients. I post about it on my social media and 99% of the time they will text me asking about it or bring it up at their next appointment. I am a walking billboard.
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Get excited and tell them about it! I take teaser videos and pics, and have it on my desk, ready to be used.
Dana Clifton
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When I introduce a new product line I always make sure to wear it first. Then as I’m wearing it and my clients are commenting on my nails, I tell them all about my new products. Quite frequently they want to try it too!
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I wear some of the products myself for three to four weeks and show them. I also tell them about my experience and then ask if they want it as well. Usually promoting on my own nails works the best.
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Usually when I get something new,
I research products.
I look into the pros and cons of the new product versus the current product and explain the benefits of the new product. I usually show them how it works or what I personally like about it. One hundred percent of the time my clients are trusting of my professional opinion and are not only open to trying new products, but are excited about it.
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