Bellacures Introduces Virtual Reality Salon Experience
Bellacures Introduces Virtual Reality Salon Experience

Bellacures has introduced its Virtual Reality Mani Pedi, an immersive experience allowing customers to escape reality from the comfort of signature, sofa-quality chairs. Using a virtual reality headset, customers will be transported to the destination of their choice — from a beautiful beach, to a majestic waterfall, or a lush forest. When paired with the customized sensory service, the sights, sounds, and refreshing aromas of their destination come alive.

“Virtual reality is an incredible and futuristic way to transform the salon experience,” says Gerard Quiroga, owner of the Bellacures Nail Salon brand. “Many of our clients come to Bellacures to unplug and escape the day. This service enhances that, as we are able to take them to beautiful, scenic locations and create a truly idyllic experience.  It is almost like a mini vacation!”

Through augmented reality, the Virtual Reality Mani Pedi provides a meditative element with the use of stunning imagery and peaceful music. Each location features a personalized treatment with corresponding themed scents and textured products that awaken the senses. The destinations and services include:

• Hanalei Point: Sit on the sand of this iconic beach on Kauai's North Shore during sunset and watch the ocean waves crash. With nothing in sight but miles of pristine sandy shore, hands and feet will be exfoliated with a coffee scrub and massaged with a coconut scented lotion.

• Allegheny State Park: Experience this national forest in rural New York and get lost in a slow flowing, peaceful stream that drifts through lush greenery. A mud mask and forest-scented lotion will make clients feel as if they are truly in the great outdoors.

• Skogafoss Waterfall: Be mesmerized by this enormous waterfall in Southern Iceland that sits amongst the mountains and dramatic cliff sides. Surrounded by nothing but rushing water and nature, warm up with a paraffin soak and warming gloves or booties, followed by a soothing massage using a cooling lotion that invigorates.  

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