With most salons being shut down, nail professionals are looking for ways to bolster their income despite their doors being closed. We asked what nail techs are doing to ensure business upon re-opening. Here are some of their answers.

Tip Now, Visit Later

Booksy is allowing clients to tip and book in advance. If you're a professional who was accepting payments via Venmo, this is another option to receive instant payments from clients, should they want to reserve a space in advance. "I offered clients a discount if they purchased two or more appointments in advance. Most asked me not to give them a discount, and paid full price for their missed appointment! People have been very supportive in Washington state. I’m beyond humbled and grateful," says Crystal Perrigoue. With many not sure exactly when they will re-open this can be a moving target, so staying organized and on top of scheduling now will help later.


Stay In Touch

Now's the time to follow up with well wishes and correspondence, and it might even help your future business. "Text, email, or call all past clients or send out 'We miss you' postcards and offer them a free retail item (can be sample-sized or travel-sized) with their next salon service," suggests Jill Wright. 


Gift Cards

A social media scroll will show that many are encouraging buying gift cards to small businesses, including nail salons. "I’m offering a 20% bonus value on all pre-paid gift cards," says Susan Estes Higgins. While this may stimulate immediate cash flow, other techs worry about the future when those gift cards get cashed in. Some precautions to put in place could be offering these gift card bonuses to loyal clients, so you know they will tip on top of the card. Compensating for potential lower income in the future by doing retail specials once you re-open is another option. Of course, the beauty of gift card sales is that they could also lead to new returning clients, many of whom may be in need of the human interaction the salon setting can provide.


Combine Services

Amy Masters suggests, "I would offer up and combine a couple services for one price (possibly not discounted) so this introduces clients to more services you offer and makes your client feel more pampered. An example would be, offer a full set and toes to match for one profitable price. This way the tech is only out a few extra minutes and some polish rather than the money."


Only Charge For a Fill

 "I will only charge a fill price (they will all need full sets) when they return after the shut down," says Megen Mabberley-Seysener. This option is a sign of good faith, especially if you know your clients are in the same predicament and could use a break. 


Hold a Raffle

Selling raffle tickets for a gift card allows you to get some instant cash while giving clients a shot at a bigger prize.


Throw a Re-Opening Party

You don't need to go all out. Bring some beer and wine, or use what you may already have in the salon, get a snack platter or bake some cupcakes. Send an invite to your mailing list or post on your social media. Inviting your clients to come and celebrate you being back in business will raise everyone's spirits and provide a much needed social activity to look forward to. Plus, all the content from the re-opening can be posted to your social media to make sure and get the message out that you're officially open again. If passersby see that you're doing an event in your salon, it could also help attract new clients who may now want to come in and get to know about your services.

Many of those we spoke to said they don't need to entice clients to come back, and that they, like you, are eager to return to the salon. We look forward to when this happens and covering your success stories. 

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