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8 Tips for Managing Fear and Uncertainty

by Qnity | May 19, 2020 | Bookmark +

As businesses begin to re-open, business owners, professionals and customers are feeling various levels of fear and anxiety. As a nail professional, it’s important to demonstrate confidence and leadership through this transition. Qnity, a learning and development company utilizes a visual thinking tool called 9Grid. 9Grid’s are used for mind mapping, story boarding and step-by-step planning – providing a simple and visual structure to help you create results. The pictured 9Grid, prepared by Qnity’s Director of Trainers, Carrie Perkins, lays out a few steps you can take to manage fear and anxiety in supporting yourself and others who are finding this new normal difficult to navigate. Here’s what each of these images mean, flowing from left to right. 

  1. Lead with Empathy - “Compassion is often the solution.” Whether you're interacting with clients, your loved ones, team members, employees and even yourself - start with empathy in all of your interactions.
  2. Go Visual – Neurologically, we are visual creatures. Images help us create deeper meaning and often inspire action. Communicate your message visually whenever possible.
  3. 4x4 Ways– Remember, there’s a LOT of noise right now. Use this simple rule of thumb to help your message stick - communicate your messages four different times, four different ways. Consider this when communicating anything new with staff and customers.
  4. Structure – Professionals in creative practices often resist structure, finding it “restrictive” or “limiting.”  However, structure actually creates freedom and the ability to make decisions with clarity and confidence. Consider adding simple structures in your life and in your practice that will create freedom.
  5. Don’t take anything personally –When fear and anxiety take over people say things and act in ways they normally wouldn’t. Give others grace and consider what other factors might be causing them to act this way. 
  6. ACCE – Qnity’s acronym stands for Appreciate, Care, Challenge, and Encourage. These are four verbs that provide a simple path of engagement to use with your clients, staff and team members. 
  7. Breathe– Inhale, exhale. Focus on your breath. Deep breathing has been used for centuries to calm fear and anxiety. 
  8. Keep it Simple – "Simplicity boils down to two steps: 1. Identify the essential. 2. Eliminate the rest." Leo Babuta. Change is hard, no matter what. Keep it simple by focusing only on what is essential, and eliminate the noise.

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