On My Mind: Let's Talk About Stress

Executive editor Beth Livesay discusses ways to de-stress.

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Young Nails Biz Talk: How to Deal With Burnout

Young Nails' Habib Salo and Tracey Reierson discuss how to navigate through burnout and renew your energy.

Float Like a Butterfly in Salt Water Pods

Float your worries away with this alternative service.

Young Nails VLog #5: Don't Burn Out

Young Nails CEO Habib Salo talks about combatting burn out.

Downsizing: When Less Is More

Growing your business typically means an increase: in space, in product, or in staff. But some techs have learned a narrow focus sometimes brings the greatest success. We asked five nail techs to tell about their “small solutions” in their own words.     

Five Mental Refreshers for Weary Techs

Nail tech and instructor Jeri Mallow shares tips to avoid burnout and promote a healthy attitude.

Another Option

Maggie needs to remind herself that she has options.

Half Time

Maggie is no longer certain nails are in her long-term future.

7 Ways to Combat Burnout

Julie Shepperly, a coach and trainer for beauty education provider Milady, shares what she’s learned about moving forward and getting through those times when you just want to give up.

Stay Fit While You Sit

The latest studies prove it: The more you sit, the less you’re fit. As a nail tech who sits most of the day, you might have come to see your job as a fitness foe. NAILS looks at the research on sitting and suggests ways you can get out of the chair to stand up for your health.