Nailing it for America Holds Protest to Reopen Nail Salons

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Nailing it for America Holds Protest to Reopen Nail Salons

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On June 8, Nailing it for America held a peaceful protest in Westminster, Calif., demanding nail salons be reopened. Nail professionals and salon owners in California continue to be angered by lack of clarification when it comes to a reopening date. Hair salons, massage parlors, gyms, and bars are gearing up for reopening, but nail salons have been left off the list. 

Back in May, Governor Newsom spoke about the community spread of COVID-19 being linked to a California nail salon. Many in the industry are concerned that this could fuel bigotry toward Asians, in particular, the largely Vietnamese nail community. 

Jesse Melgar, a spokeswoman for Newsom, said, "The Newsom administration continues to engage with stakeholders in the nail salon industry to gather feedback and participate in constructive dialogue about reopening -- with a focus on public health and safety. We remain committed to keeping the lines of communication open as we look to modify our Stay at Home order." The state issued a news release on Friday putting nail salons into the same category of kids sports and weddings as gatherings that would be "addressed soon." 

Footage of the protest appeared on several local news networks and ended with the announcement that The Pro Nails Association plans to sue Governor Newsom’s office to get court-ordered guidelines for salons to reopen and a targeted reopening date. 

According to NBC Bay Area, a California Department of Public Health spokesperson said that,“The first known community spread of COVID-19 in California was detected in a nail salon. However, as some counties review autopsies, we are beginning to learn that potential community transmission may have been taking place earlier than previously known, and before the CDC had developed adequate testing capacity and protocols.” With lack of clarification on the origins of the community spread and the connection it has to salons reopening, California nail professionals are hoping that peaceful protests and lawsuits will finally garner answers. 

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