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Dashing Diva’s GLOSS Ultra Shine Gel Strips are now available in 24 single shades of color.

Editorial nail artist Miss Pop uses Dashing Diva’s new GLOSS Ultra Shine Gel Color and Gel Strips to achieve this on-trend graphic look. 

She walks you through the design as if you were doing it on yourself but, of course, this works for you to work on your client, as well!

To Get This Look You Will Need

  • Pointed Tweezer
  • Small sewing or nail Scissor
  • Red Therapy Base Coat
  • Top Seal Top Coat
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • 5 shades of your fav GLOSS Strips, here I used:
  • Pink Peony
  • Rose Quartz
  • Spiced Wine 
  • Harbor Mist
  • Iced Mint

1.    Give yourself a basic manicure. Clip and file your natural nails to your desired shape and gently push back your cuticles.

2.    Wash your hands. Then, cleanse your nail beds with an alcohol prep pad.

3.    Spoil your nails with hydrating, strengthening, and smoothing Red Therapy Base Coat. Allow a minute for it to dry before moving on to Gloss strips. 

4.    Using your tweezer, apply a strip of Iced Mint to your pinky and pointer finger. Pull and smooth the strip down on your nail until it is laying flat. Bend the strip over the free edge of your nail and file off the excess strip using the white file side of the file provided in the package. If need be buff the edges smooth with the pink side of the file. 

5.    Apply a strip of Spiced Wine to your ring finger. File the excess strip off. 

6.    To get a reverse French or Ruffian French on your pinky, simply layer another strip of Gloss in Harbor Mist. This time, if you can, go one size smaller. Apply the strip in the center, about 1/3 of the way up your nail from the cuticle. File the excess strip off. 

7.    Size up your thumb using Gloss in Rose Quartz. When you’ve found the perfect strip, use your scissor to cut out a small triangle in the center of the cuticle line. This will create a peak and peek of negative space on your nail when you apply the strip. (Don’t toss that little triangle you cut out, we’ll use that at step 14 in the mani!) Lift the strip off of the plastic backing and place on the nail. File the excess strip off as usual. 

8.    Size up your middle finger using Pink Peony. Then, use your scissor to cut a half moon out from the cuticle. This will create a classic negative space half moon when you apply this strip to the nail. File the excess strip off. 

9.    Using a strip of Spiced Wine that doesn’t fit any of your fingers, cut a straight line to create a sliver – about 20% in from one side. Then, apply it up the side of your pointer finger. File the excess strip off.

10.  To create a slant French on your middle finger, use a strip of Harbor Mist that doesn’t fit any of your fingers. Holding it horizontally, create a diagonal cut, about 1/3 of the way in. Peal the strip off the backing and place that angled end right next to the side of the nail. The remaining strip should create a triangle across about 2/3 of the tip of your nail. 

11.  Repeat step 10 using Pink Peony for your thumb. 

12.  Using a small strip of Rose Quartz that doesn’t fit any of your fingers, cut out a half moon. Place it on the bottom of your ring finger.

13.  Take out a bigger strip of Iced Mint that doesn’t fit any of your fingers. Turn it horizontally and cut out a small triangle. Place it above the half moon on you ring finger, leaving a little space between. 

14. Add that triangle you cut out for the thumb look to the pointer. Place it at an angle, pointed toward the Spiced Wine Stripe.

15. Seal your look with Top Coat and prepare to be complimented on your fabulous mani! 

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