nail chemistry

Week 8: Nail Chemistry and Christmas Nail Art

This week was a busy week. We got seven new girls in our class and the other girls went to the senior floor. I have two more units before I go to the senior floor and start taking clients

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Extreme Nailing

Does our environment change how we do nails? Do techs living in climates where it dips into double digits below zero work differently than techs who live where it’s nearly 100 degrees with 80% humidity?

Secret Ingredient} Acetone

The clear and dear friend that makes polish removal a snap, and acrylic and gel removal possible, is a bedrock for the nail industry.

Secret Ingredient: Callus Softeners

Callus softeners are potent liquid formulas applied to heavy callus areas to soften them for more effective pedicure filing. So what exactly is in these softeners? Here’s a profile of three of the most common active ingredients in callus softeners today.

Where's the Cuticle?

Chemist Doug Schoon on the importance of knowing the anatomy of the nail.

What Do We Want Our Nails To Be?

Chemist Doug Schoon discusses understanding the proper meaning of nail industry terms.

Now Entering a Nail Construction Zone

Chemist Doug Schoon discusses why nail techs should study the natural nail.

The Chemistry of Acrylics

What are acrylic nails made out of? NAILS breaks down the chemistry behind liquid-and-powder in laymen's terms.

INTA Appoints Doug Schoon as Chief Scientific Advisor

The International Nail Technicians (INTA) has appointed of Doug Schoon to serve as its chief scientific advisor.

A Clear View on Polish

More than just color, nail polish is the finishing touch, the final step in a nail service. What’s in this product staple and how has it changed over the years?