Botox, which has accumulated 1.7 billion TikTok views in the past three years has been Googled...

Botox, which has accumulated 1.7 billion TikTok views in the past three years has been Googled 502,897 times on average a month.

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New data has revealed social media's top ten most lusted-over cosmetic procedures and which states are searching for them the most. Research conducted by medical supply retailer Face Med Store analyzed TikTok hashtags and Google searches in the U.S. to determine which cosmetic procedures are the most popular on social media and which states want the cosmetic procedures the most. TikTok metrics include the views on the hashtags and how many times the hashtags have been used on videos in the past three years on 44 different procedures.    

Top Five Most Viral Cosmetic Procedures

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) topped the list of cosmetic procedures, taking social media by storm. To put into perspective, Americans have watched #brazilianbuttlift videos 4.8 billion times in the past three years, and creators have used the hashtag 225,313 times. The BBL also ranks the number one most-searched-for procedure in 24 states, with California having the highest average monthly search volume of 68,823. The procedure is popular among celebrities, with the likes of SZA coming clean on getting the procedure in June and telling Elle magazine, "I always wanted a really fat ass with less gym time". The hashtag #szabbl has been viewed 880,000 times in the past 12 months in the U.S.       
  2. In second place is Botox, which has accumulated 1.7 billion TikTok views in the past three years and has been googled 502,897 times on average a month.     
  3. This is followed by Lip filler in third place, with U.S. residents watching lip filler TikTok's videos 1.6 million times in the past three years, 90% more than Microblading procedure videos, which landed in fifth place on the rankings.    
  4. Liposuction ranks fourth and is being Googled 313,679 times a month on average. TikTok creators have used #liposuction 156,041 in the past three years.    
  5. Rounding off in fifth for the most viral cosmetic procedures in the U.S. is Microblading, with 840.5 million TikTok views in the past three years and Googled 313,679 times a month on average.     

Top 10 States Searching for Viral Cosmetic Procedures

  1. Florida: Florida is the number one state searching for cosmetic procedures, with the residents searching for cosmetic procedures 1,862 times a month on average per 100,000 people, which is 68% more than those in Mississippi, which came last out of all the states ranked.     
  2. California: Ranking in second place is California, with 1,860 times a month on average per 100,000 residents. The state's most lusted-over procedure is Botox.     
  3. Massachusetts: In third place is Massachusetts, with an average of 1,841 searches for cosmetic procedures. Louisiana's top three searched-for procedures are Botox, laser hair removal and BBL.     
  4. New York: New York is fourth, with 1,823 average monthly searches per 100,000 residents. New Yorkers are searching for BBLs the most out of all cosmetic procedures.      
  5. Colorado: In fifth place, Colorado has 1,808 average monthly searches per 100,000 people. 
  6. New Jersey: New Jersey followed closely behind in sixth place with 1,745 monthly searches per month per 100,000 residents.      
  7. Arizona: In seventh place is Arizona, with 1,745 searches a month on average per 100,000 residents.
  8. Washington: Washington is in eighth place, with 1,716 searches per 100,000 people.
  9. Nevada: Just after that is Nevada, with 1,702 searches per 100,000 residents.        
  10. Utah: Finally, rounding off the list in tenth place is Utah, with 1,677 searches on average per 100,000 people.         

At the other end of the scale, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Iowa are the top three states least seemingly concerned about considering cosmetic surgery.      

"There has been a viral increase in the use of social media on cosmetic procedures with users broadcasting videos on their transformations, opinions, and recommendations. It's fascinating to delve into which specific cosmetic procedures people are being influenced by and to see if these will also change over time. Before getting any cosmetic procedure, it's essential to research extensively and not to feel pressured by social media to achieve an aesthetic that is 'on trend'. When considering cosmetic procedures, it's important to speak to an expert and choose a reputable and qualified practitioner." 

— Hardik Soni, Medical Director, Face Med Store

Methodology: Using the raw values for each of Tik Tok video views, Tik Tok publish count and Google search volume the data was indexed using min-max normalization to return a score between 0-100 for each procedure — where 100 equals the highest value within the range of procedures, and not the highest value possible. The data was evenly weighted and scored out of 100.

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