If for some reason you’re not following and tagging us on Instagram @nailsmagazine, you’re missing out.

For a decade now, Instagram has been one of the best ways for us to connect with the nail artist community, and to show off your hard work. We love interacting with you all on social media and amplifying your voices to the larger beauty community. Thank you for always sharing your work (and senses of humor) with us and being along for the ride.

As we near the end of the year, we put together a countdown list of our 20 most-loved Instagram reposts of 2023. This year was marked by your love for all things shiny and glittery, as well as your hot takes on the nail industry as a whole. Give these amazing creators a follow—obviously, you won’t regret it.

20. Sparkling perfection: @sabrinanailz

19. Since the beginning: @nailtraprose

18. All that glitters 💖: @cuteycles.nails.by.emily

17. Can't even see 'em: @ceenails102

16. Toile de Jouy: @vivxue

15. Charging our worth: @cattsclaws

14. Little mermaid realness: @nailedbyterry

13. Cat eye + chrome + snake skin: @indiglownails

12. WHY did you do that?!: @yes_icanails

11. Cool croc chrome 🐊: @britts_nail_bar

10. Oh...lucky me 😖: @nailmartusa

9. Cat eye magic: @nailartbyjen

8. Plum tickled: @goodnews_movement

7. Pedro loves nice nails: @britts_nail_bar

6. Chrome in my veins 🩸:  @diananailedit

5. Normalize trade schools!: @jtmoroney

4. Ow ow owww: @lianailedit

3. Support small businesses: @smallbusinessmoms

2. Super satisfying pedi service: @willowacademy_lj

And our #1 Instagram post of 2023...Sit your clients right!: @studiodaph_

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