Tech-to-Tech: How Do You Balance It All?

by Holly Schippers | July 6, 2011

If we are all honest, there comes a time when you have so much going on that something has to give. When you get there, what gives? Do you take time out of family time? Cut hours of sleep? Skip meals or bathroom breaks? You may as well be honest with the computer screen ;o)

After having spent my holiday weekend in bed with the flu, I realized that the sleep I was giving up decided to catch up to me with a vengeance. Now not only am I behind on everything instead of a few things, I missed out on three days of fun family time. You can only go at top speed for so long and something has got to give; and if you don’t make the choice, life will make it for you. As creative people we tend to think in creative ways to get around necessities like food and sleep. While I tend to make sure I don’t miss out on meals, sleep is just as important to your health as anything else apparently. lol.

What are your tricks for balancing it all? Do you work in the salon full time? Are you a computer personality? How many of you have families or additional jobs? We like to think we do a great job balancing it all, but the reality in the day and age of instant gratification and life being on the go something’s got to give. Has anything given out on you lately? What have you learned from it? I learned that the Internet will still be there tomorrow if I get some sleep tonight…who knew!?

— Holly

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